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For years retail has chased the holy grail of online commerce. For years ecommerce has evolved as the large players have taken control and set the standard other players are slowly gaining ground and finding areas of strong growth.

The data age is changing the playing field for everyone. First it was personalization, then omni channel, what tomorrow who knows?


Large Retailer

The Сhallenge

First mover advantage had the large ecommerce giants taking the lions share of online retailer. The choice was simple but daunting, large retailers of old had to adapt quickly or suffer the long road to extinction. How to adapt or die was another story. Learning from the leaders was possible but blazing your own trail was the battle cry. And then there were issues of personalization and omni channel to keep in mind. Finding the right short, medium and long term solution was the business and technological challenge.

02. Solution

Engineering a platform that scales and is built to provide better recommendations takes help from across the organization. Our team of business leaders working in concert with the business leadership created an effective way for the company to leverage their customers and products to increase customer satisfaction while increase sales and profit margin. 

marketing analysis
business innovation
finance strategy
corporate management
03. The Result

TEC as it was called was a platform that integrated machine intelligence with human intelligence.

Working with a staff of developers, QA and analysts TEC consistently provided relevant sales recommendations via website carousel and email marketing.

While the marketing organization was redeployed to other projects and dwindled by 60% the TEC platform was able to grow sales and profit margins by over 80%. 

The beauty of it is it was optimized for automation and returned amazing results of 5-10X over what was previously achieved.